Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My whole life I have had flowers at my house.
Beautiful geraniums, petunias, portulacas, and zinnias
filled the planters and lined the walkway at my parents house.
So at our apartment we have a tiny back patio thing
and I decided it was in need of some life.
So a trip to Home Depot and 47 dollars later we had three pots full of color.
And I am very happy.
Spring is here!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As of late I have been trying new hair-do's that I have seen on other blogs.
I think they are pretty cute, but I am not sure if they are too formal looking.
I guess everything is formal to someone who sports a ponytail 50% of the time.
Anyway check them out.

First the top knot from this blog

My bangs aren't long enough to have them all the way

back so I have to pin them.

. . . and then this one called very cleverly
"three twisted buns"

Also in case you hadn't realized . . . summer is almost here.

I can almost feel my skin being burned right when I walk outside.

And I am excited. Yes I love AZ summer.

Also since my last post TWO of my best friends

(Vianca to Adam and Kristina to Craig) got married.

I am so happy for them! They were both beautiful.

And I have another on getting married in June!

Holy weddings!

But I am so excited to have more married friends.