Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two in One

Okay so I never posted anything about the rodeo I went to, so even though I already posted today, Im going to post some more pictures and tell you about them. First off my family went to the PBR rodeo last Saturday, It was So Much Fun.

This is Tanner and Me in our cowboy get up.

Crazy cowboy who made it the entire 8 seconds

And now I present the Greatest part of the night... Wolf from American Gladiators was there! It was awesome!

In conclusion Saturday was Amazing.

Story of My Life

So this is the story of my life in nut shell.

It started when I got an iPhone for my birthday. No joke 10 days later, Apple announced that they were coming out with a new iPhone that would be half the price and twice as fast. Kill me. So I got over the fact that my phone would out dated a month after I got it cause lets get real, I had an iPhone. Well on the night of August the 1st my Phone started ringing so I went to answer it and dropped it. Sad face. I had dropped it before but this time was different, it landed on its face and cracked into a million pieces. I almost cried. It still works and all but now its ugly. That's the story of my life.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Edward vs. Jacob

Which do you prefer? I find it appropriate to ask this seeing it is only 3 hours 41 minutes til the release of Breaking Dawn. Wow. I am actually nervous. Whats going to happen? Will Edward die? Will Jacob die? Maybe Bella? Who knows.... the suspense is almost unbearable. So I want to know, what do you think will happen? Will Bella become a vampire? Or will she in the end choose Jacob? I feel like the biggest nerd right now. If anyone posts about the end of the book before I finish reading it, I might have to slit their throat. Consider yourselves warned. Ha ha.... No but really, Beware. I feel it necessary to share with you a shirt I saw on the Internet. I think its pretty..... Awesome? Weird? Pathetic? Okay so I can't find it anymore, but it said "Save a Volvo, ride Edward Cullen" Once again WOW! Another one I saw was "Only a vampire can love you forever" oh and I cant forget the classic "Real men Sparkle" I thought I would share those with you, I think if you just Google "twilight shirts" you'll find them.