Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lake Trip

SO. . . yesterday I got to go to the lake. . . FINALLY! I had a blast. I love my friends and our group right now. So fun. My friend, Thomas Hogle, took Vianca, Kristina, Jason, Clayton, Fletcher, Lane, and I out to Saguaro for a bit of fun in the sun.

I didn't attempt wakeboarding yet, but maybe next time.
Yesterday, I basically conquered the tube. . . and gave myself whiplash haha.

Here are a few pics of our adventure. . .

PS: We went to Los Taquitos afterwards and let me tell you, it has never tasted so good.
We were starving, and it just hit the spot. I ate my burrito like a savage.

My Girls! . . .well, two of them.

Our Captain (aka: thomas)

Clayton, just chillin.

I asked Kristina to pose with the sunlight so perfectly behind her,

and this is what I got. Love her.

kristina, vianca, and me

Vianca and Jason had matching sunglasses, so I took a picture of their twinner-ness.

Fletcher on the tube

Lane and Clayton after getting thrown off. . . you can't tell, but Clayton is pulling up his pants in this picture hahaha. . . he informed me of this when he was looking at my camera.

I had so much fun and I am looking forward to more amazing lake trips this summer with my friends, slash learning how to wakeboard.