Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Ps I hate that song.
I love Christmas trees, but that song kills me.
The only decent version of that song is the Charlie Brown one.

Anywho . . . this is ours.

And we love it. It's a little 4 1/2 foot pre-lit from Home Depot.

I know we are Grinches, but this is our first year, cut us a break.

Also don't mind that we are in separate photos with our tree.

That's the problem with living with living by ourselves . . .
there is no one to take our picture, so they all look awesome.

I also wanted to pay tribute to the movie Burlesque or
however you spell it. No I didn't see the movie, but thanks to
that hooker-ish looking show, OPI came out with
this AMAZING polish.

And I love it.

Another thing . . . I hate how my hands look this time of year.

The End.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't Let Me Down!

Please ASU Sundevils. . . don't let us down.
Beat the nasty Wildcats today.
Most of all don't let Mariah down.
She love the Devils.

She even does Touch Down!

. . . and puts her hands up in the air.
SO. . . Don't let us down!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Apt.

Incase you were wondering what our apartment looks like . . . this is it.
It is very simple, we can't paint.

(side note: white walls are blah . . .
especially when you are dealing with super-high glossy paint)
It is tiny, but we are having so much fun making it our home.
We are trying this new thing called

"hanging up your clothes right when you take them off"
Please don't think we are disgusting.
Since it has only been in effect for a week, we are doing really well.
It is ridiculous how quick a 600-ish foot apartment gets/looks dirty.

Anywho . . . this is it.
. . . well our family room and kitchen that is . . .
More pictures to come of the bedroom, bathroom, and office.

This is the view of our family room, right when you walk in the door.

Our lovely couches and ottoman courtesy of Biglots . . . we are classy.

Our television and laundry. I don't know why I didn't move that for the picture.

Our kitchen table.

Our appliances are from the 70's I am pretty sure . . . our oven is yellow.

I am loving it here.

Our neighbors are Awesome!

I am SO thankful for my sweet husband and for our apartment and for our jobs and for school (even though I hate it).

another sidenote: sorry for the crappy picture quality.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Tell Thomas

. . . or my dad . . .

I am playing Christmas music on here already.

Have you noticed people being nicer?

Its the AMAZING Arizona weather. . .

and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner!

I am excited to start watching movies like

. . . yes both versions . . .

Anyway. . . Happy Thanksgiving! . . .

Now let's get on to Christmas. . . kidding kidding.

Monday, November 8, 2010


. . . I love my husband . . .

. . . he dresses up with me for Halloween . . .

. . . Carves a wicked pumkin . . .
. . . and . . .

. . . lets me indulge in my white trash love . . .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Letter to Pepper

Dear Pepper,
We miss you. Thanks for being such a great pet to our family. I don't remember life without you. You were such a wonderful part of our family. I always joked that you were as much a part of our family as Tanner, since you were the same age and all. I remember when we first got you and you were tiny! You were the sweetest little thing. We all fought on who got to sleep with you. You were always so content, and would just walk around our backyard, I know you had your routine. When we left you would always peek your head out the gate and watch us, and when we got home you would be in the same position. You were looking out for us. Thank for being sweet with Mariah, she loves you and was always so excited to see you. Anyway Cheps, we love you and we're going to miss you. I am glad you aren't in pain anymore.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday was a special day.
Katie and Ryan blessed baby Ellison.
It was amazing.
I love baby blessings, they are so sweet.
Ryan did great, and little El Rae looked precious.

After the blessing and luncheon,
Thomas, Sonny, and I flew to Utah.
It was my second trip to UT
and I was there for less than 30 minutes.
Kinda crazy.
We got to fly over the Grand Canyon.
It was beautiful.
Thomas and I flew home in the helicopter
listening to Brad Paisley.
Besides the headache and popping ears,
it was a wonderful trip!

Here are some pictures, unfortunately I didn't get any of
the happy family, but rest assured, they all looked great!

Friday, September 17, 2010


So sometimes, for no reason at all, I just feel like saying, "Hell".
. . . I can't explain it . . .
Like its not like I am mad or anything, I just feel like saying it.
Today is one of those days.
And unfortunately typing it isn't the same as saying it.
So rest assured that today I said hell at least once.

Here is a cute picture so you don't feel like this was a
complete waste of your time.
Mariah likes to show everyone her "button"
and sometimes she will come over and lift up your shirt
to show everyone your button. Its pretty funny.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego 2010

So for Thomas and my last hoorah before
we have to go back to the real world of work
. . . AND school . . .
We decided to go to San Diego.
It was SO fun and I realized, again, I love going
on road trips with Thomas.
They are the BEST!
It was just a Friday to Sunday trip, but
I love those ones the best sometimes.
So on Friday we went to work for a couple hours,
then I picked Thomas up from work (Thanks Sonny)
And we were on the road by 10AM.
Our goal was to get to Sea World in time to see
the Shamu Show. . . and we did. And it did not disappoint
Thanks to my sissy Rachel we had 2 day passes
and were able to go on Saturday afternoon too.

(Day 1 at Sea World)

After traveling all day then going to Sea World we were pooped
and went to our hotel. Which I highly recommend BTW.
The Double Tree in Del Mar was Awesome!
They gave us delicious warm
oatmeal chocolate chip with walnut cookies upon our
arrival and when we left they gave us some for the road!
That's what I call hospitality.
Anywho . . . Saturday Morning we decided to go to the beach
since Sea World was open til 11PM that day.
I loved it. I am not a beach person.
Like I think its pretty, but I cant spend all day there.
I think one reason might be because I am pasty white.
But this time I really enjoyed it.
There was grass at this one, and it wasn't super crowded.
So we pulled out our Diet Mountain Dew, our Cheez-its,
and our football and had a blast at the beach.

When we decided we'd had enough of the beach,
we went to Hodad's to eat a delicious hamburger . . . only
problem . . . it was 12:00 and everyone had the same idea.
So we settled for a pizza place down the street and I am
SO glad we found that little gem.
Our pepperoni and mushroom calzone was to die for.
After that we went back to our hotel to get showered and
ready for Sea World.

In case you didn't know . . .

Sea World on Saturday= PACKED.
but we were able to do everything we wanted

and at around 5:00PM it started clearing out some.

We might have gone to the shark exhibit twice

and I loved it both times.

I have a interest/hate relationship with sharks
and whales for that matter.
Shamu scares the crap out of me.

(Thomas saving me from Shamu)
But I love Sea World.

(and the shamu beetle)

After Sea World we journeyed back to Hodad's

and were able to eat that for dinner.

Then we went back to Hotel and watched
youtube videos of shark/whale attacks.
It was awesome, and I think Thomas is scared of them now too.
San Diego was so Fun and I am so
Glad we were able to go and see Shamu,
the star fish, the penguins, the sea lions, the dolphins, the
polar bears, the moray eels(this is more of a hate/hate relationship),
and all the other animals at sea world. And I am
glad I have my best friend to go on all my trips with.

I love my life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Since Mike D'Antoni became the Suns coach
my family noticed an uncanny resemblence

between him . . . Coach Mike D'Antoni

and him . . . Rikki Tikki Tavi.

. . . Angry Mike . . .

. . . Angry Rikki . . .

I miss Mike. ALOT.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Remember That One Time

. . . So remember that one time . . .
. . . like TWO months ago . . .
. . . At around 12:45 . . .

. . . This super cute boy . . .
. . . Decided to make me . . .

. . . the happiest girl on the planet . . .

. . . And we were sealed . . .
. . . for time and ALL eternity . . .
Yeah . . . me too.
. . . And I am so grateful for him . . .
. . . and now I can't imagine . . .
. . . how I used to live without him . . .

Happy 2 Month Anniversary Mots!