Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego 2010

So for Thomas and my last hoorah before
we have to go back to the real world of work
. . . AND school . . .
We decided to go to San Diego.
It was SO fun and I realized, again, I love going
on road trips with Thomas.
They are the BEST!
It was just a Friday to Sunday trip, but
I love those ones the best sometimes.
So on Friday we went to work for a couple hours,
then I picked Thomas up from work (Thanks Sonny)
And we were on the road by 10AM.
Our goal was to get to Sea World in time to see
the Shamu Show. . . and we did. And it did not disappoint
Thanks to my sissy Rachel we had 2 day passes
and were able to go on Saturday afternoon too.

(Day 1 at Sea World)

After traveling all day then going to Sea World we were pooped
and went to our hotel. Which I highly recommend BTW.
The Double Tree in Del Mar was Awesome!
They gave us delicious warm
oatmeal chocolate chip with walnut cookies upon our
arrival and when we left they gave us some for the road!
That's what I call hospitality.
Anywho . . . Saturday Morning we decided to go to the beach
since Sea World was open til 11PM that day.
I loved it. I am not a beach person.
Like I think its pretty, but I cant spend all day there.
I think one reason might be because I am pasty white.
But this time I really enjoyed it.
There was grass at this one, and it wasn't super crowded.
So we pulled out our Diet Mountain Dew, our Cheez-its,
and our football and had a blast at the beach.

When we decided we'd had enough of the beach,
we went to Hodad's to eat a delicious hamburger . . . only
problem . . . it was 12:00 and everyone had the same idea.
So we settled for a pizza place down the street and I am
SO glad we found that little gem.
Our pepperoni and mushroom calzone was to die for.
After that we went back to our hotel to get showered and
ready for Sea World.

In case you didn't know . . .

Sea World on Saturday= PACKED.
but we were able to do everything we wanted

and at around 5:00PM it started clearing out some.

We might have gone to the shark exhibit twice

and I loved it both times.

I have a interest/hate relationship with sharks
and whales for that matter.
Shamu scares the crap out of me.

(Thomas saving me from Shamu)
But I love Sea World.

(and the shamu beetle)

After Sea World we journeyed back to Hodad's

and were able to eat that for dinner.

Then we went back to Hotel and watched
youtube videos of shark/whale attacks.
It was awesome, and I think Thomas is scared of them now too.
San Diego was so Fun and I am so
Glad we were able to go and see Shamu,
the star fish, the penguins, the sea lions, the dolphins, the
polar bears, the moray eels(this is more of a hate/hate relationship),
and all the other animals at sea world. And I am
glad I have my best friend to go on all my trips with.

I love my life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Since Mike D'Antoni became the Suns coach
my family noticed an uncanny resemblence

between him . . . Coach Mike D'Antoni

and him . . . Rikki Tikki Tavi.

. . . Angry Mike . . .

. . . Angry Rikki . . .

I miss Mike. ALOT.