Saturday, August 8, 2009


My life lately has consisted of PAIN.
Not ordinary, "Oh I have a headache" pain,
but some real sucky, " I feel as if I might die" pain.
. . . Equation numba One. . .
title: wake boarding

My head + A wake board= Pain

Explanation: I don't really have legit one,
so basically I was going along wake boarding,
being careful to stay in the wake because I cant do anything cool,
and I did a face plant. . . and ate it soooo hard.
Hard enough that somehow the board went behind me,
then over my shoulder to hit me in the cheek.
"Is that physically possible?" you might be thinking.
My only answer is, " I guess so"

. . .Equation numba Two. . .
title: wisdom teeth

my mouth - four teeth = Pain

Explanation: I got my wisdom teeth out.
IV, Laughing gas, the whole shee-bang.
I ate mashed potatoes and ice cream for like 5 days.
Luckily for me I did not swell,
and didn't start hurting til day 5 or 6,
when I started eating real food.
If you would like, since I don't have a picture of the day it happened,
you can imagine me looking like this. . . even though I didn't swell too bad.

This is me a couple days afterwards with my Whole Grain friends.

. . .that is all. . .