Monday, February 8, 2010

It's True

. . . I am Engaged! . .

So mark your calenders for Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

The Boy: Jacob Thomas Hogle (Thomas)
The Girl: Jennifer Jones (Jenny)

The Story: Thomas and I met last June, we started out as friends,
but quickly realized we liked each other.
We had a minor set back in the beginning, but it has been worth it!

. . . First hand holding August 7 . . .
. . . First kiss August 18 . . .
. . . First "L" word exchange somewhere around October 20 . . .

As you can see things moved pretty quick, but you have to factor
in that we had spent everyday with each other since August.

The end of December is when things started getting
"really serious". I realized I wanted to marry him, and he started
saying things like, "if we ever got married..."
Then one night he said, "Jenny, I don't like saying IF"

. . . And that was the end of saying if . . .

So then it was just a waiting game, I had no idea when he was going to ask me
or how. But one by one he started getting rid of his 2 trucks and
1 dirt bike. . . and then slowly, but surely he found a steady job.
It had to be coming right?!

I started showing my wonderful sissies what kind of rings I liked
and thinking of colors and dates.
Even though I knew it must be coming, I didn't think it would be for a while.

The Question: Like I said, I thought it would be a month or so til he
would propose. So Friday February 5, 2010 I ate a whole row of Oreos for
breakfast like normal. (not with milk, we were out, but with Diet Pepsi,
because who drinks water) I went to work like normal.
I went to my sissy's afterwards like normal. Thomas called at
around 2:00 like normal and asked if I wanted to go with him to fly his
model airplane. . . very normal. I said sure and went home to meet him.
He was almost an hour late, not so normal, but its happened before
so I let it slide. We headed over to Harmony Park and on our way Thomas
was telling me about how his niece sat on his plane, so he had to fix it with this
special glue that couldn't be in the direct sunlight. Me, being oblivious was
like, "hm that's interesting" and me not knowing that there is no such thing
as glue that couldn't be in direct sunlight, didn't think anything of it.
But since the glue couldn't be in direct sunlight he had to but a piece of paper
over it on the wing that was "broken". So we are down in the
retention basin and Thomas starts flying his plane and it starts flying really
weird . . . and crashes. He asked me if I would go get it for him and take off
the paper because he thought that was what made it crash.
I go over to the crashed plane about 15 feet away and start taking off the
paper. To my surprise there was writing under the paper that said,

"Will You Marry Me?"

So I turn around and see Thomas behind me, kneeling down on one knee.
And he says it, the question you wait for your whole life,
the moment you have dreamed about since you were a little girl,

"Jenny, will you marry me?"

I was so shocked and quite honestly speechless.
I think I said something along the lines of,

"Are you serious? Shut up. Wait really?"

And then he stood up and I gave him a hug and said a simple,


Then he started to put the ring on my finger, it took about 15 seconds
because both of us were shaking so bad.
So yes, its true, I am engaged to Thomas, and we are
getting sealed in the Mesa Temple on May 26th at 12:45 and having our reception
that night at the Wright House Garden Room.

Anyway. . . that's the story, I am so happy. I don't think its possible for
a girl to be happier than I am now.

(Sorry this is really long and I don't have many pictures)

So here's the ring, which I LOVE by the way! Its exactly what I
wanted and SO sparkly!

The End.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Found Love

I LOVE Norman Rockwell paintings!
Like I have always liked them and thought they were cute and cool,
BUT lately I have seen a couple that are super awesome!

There is one in particular I like that I saw in the bathroom at Thomas's
house. It's called "The Prom Dress"

Here are a few more that I really like...there are many more that I like, but this post would be ridiculously long if I posted them all.

Anyway, this was kind of random, but I haven't had much to blog about lately.