Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can I Please?

Can I please have a set of these?

Okay not really. . .

I guess I would settle for


. . .I am talking about their abs. . .

Get your mind out of the gutter

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nintendo Rulz

So the other day Thomas and I were at
Best Buy looking for a movie
. . .that we didn't find btw. . .
And I mentioned to him that I thought the
old Nintendo was so fun, and how
I wanted one someday.
(which I didn't think anything of because
I say that kinda a lot. ie: Someday
I want to be able to afford a cabin,
a house, a nice Tahoe, and possibly a boat)

Hello Super Mario Brothers. . .can you blame me?
Anywho I think part of my obsession with it is because
as a child I ALWAYS wanted one and
my parents were anti-Nintendo.
Which, looking back was probably
a good thing haha, but back then I just
thought they were lame.
. . .
Back to the story
So that was like a week ago that we talked about it.
Last night Thomas said he got me a
"Bridal Shower" gift.
I was very surprised and maybe just a little
weary of opening it.
But I opened it anyway and
. . .Lo and Behold guess what it was. . .

A Nintendo!
I promise I am not a freak about these
sorts of things normally, but I was so excited!

Not only did he give me the Nintendo,

but he gave my like 10 games to go with it.

The most important one being

Super Mario Brothers of course, but

a close second would be tetris.

Which was also included.
How cool is he? I am just beginning to realize
the extent of his cool-ness and thoughtful-ness.
So last night we watched the Suns spank the Blazers
and then celebrated by watching
Flight of the Concords and playing Nintendo.

I love my life!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Life

My thoughts, dreams and life as of late have been consumed by:

1. Purple Ranunculus

2. White Shoes

3. Liberty of London Decor

4. Laundry Mats

I must be going crazy. . . or getting married.