Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pickles and Lemons

Two of the things I have been "craving" most are pickles and lemons.
I put craving in quotations because I have always loved pickles and lemons.

Want proof? Look at my favorites on the sidebar.

I swear I didn't edit it.

Anyway more important matters. . .

Annie Fanny Clifford got married.

She looked stunning. No Joke.

Want proof? Bickitty Bam.

It was so fun seeing all my friends!

Even the ones who have moved away (Lauren and Vianca)

And now Annie has joined them.
This is a shout out to Kristina Clifford and Heidi Larsen...lets play.

(Sorry Lauren apperantly you are black now)

Other exciting news includes:

*Me being 15 weeks along now

*Us finding out what we are having in 3 weeks

*Old news but still exciting...Tanner graduated.

*Thomas starts at WP Carey this fall, go devils

*We are looking to buy a house! Yay for being adults.

Here is a baby bump picture for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the self timer.